How long does Bugzilla take to translate?

Vitaly Fedrushkov fedrushkov at
Sat Jan 12 00:20:44 UTC 2008

"Reinout van Schouwen" <reinouts at> wrote:
> Gettext has solved this problem already, using it would
> bring a lot more languages into scope.

Alas gettext has little knowledge of translation problems, their vision 
boils down to

It looks more applicable to error messages in command line utilities of 
early GNU era than to sophisticated and quality text translations.

> A thing I noticed during the translation process is that there are a lot
> of places where small if-blocks determine whether a plural or a singular
> should be used. This will only work in some languages; it will be hard
> to impossible to correctly translate in languages that have multiple
> plural forms.

And this is why it is done completely different way in Bugzilla-ru.

> Also, the current system requires the translator to be a programmer as
> well, otherwise he doesn't stand a chance to understand what should be
> translated and what shouldn't, in the pot-pourri of Perl, Javascript and
> HTML that the templates consist of. Not a combination you find too
> often.

Any software localizer should be able to 'read' code written by others. 
Programming language does not matter as long as one can figure out these 
'small if-blocks'.

However, my lack in Perl knowledge DOES some trouble to, say, Bugzilla-ru.

Listed below are several Cyrillic-related problems not fixed or
introduced in 3.0:

Unable to save UTF-8 named attachment with MSIE:

Comments are wrapped and search results are trimmed too short.
Chart fonts not localizable.

Localized messages require UTF-8 capable console. there are 
problems with bug linkification regular expressions, hot keys and so on.> 
All I can say to that is that the aspects you mention, especially> 
maintainability, *to translators* are practically zero.Enough said, this is 
time to offer something.From Markham 
2003-04-22 16:01:59 PST I'd say we need a "localisers" mailing list for 
issues like that.

Dave Miller  2003-04-22 22:41:53 PST Done.  localizers at now 
exists, and all of the localizers have been
subcribed to it at their last-known email address.There ARE problems common 
to all/some localizers.  Solutions are often poor because we solve our 
problems in isolation :-(  For example, in Bugzilla-ja chart fonts are 
solved.I would like to see localizers organized in some way to discuss and 
solve mainstream bugzilla problems common to all/some localizations. 
Metabugs like are not 
welcome.Bug keywords like l12y do not work either, as not all bugs are filed 
in mainstream bugzilla.Any ideas? 

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