Self-Introduction: Marques Johansson

Marques Johansson bugzilla at
Thu Feb 21 22:42:44 UTC 2008

Hello.  I'm Marques Johansson.

I'm rarely found on IRC, but when I am, I'm displague (

I live in Egg Harbor City, NJ, USA somewhere between Atlantic City and

I currently work in Philadelphia as a PHP developer
but my background is all over the board as development and administration
goes.  I'm a very proficient UNIX admin, current in the ways of Linux,
especially Debian and Ubuntu.  I've spent a few years employed as a Solaris
admin as well (

I introduced my company to Bugzilla a little over a year ago.  With 1300
filed bugs, I'd say adoption has gone pretty well - but most issues continue
to be dealt with outside of the system.  The process could be streamlined
for some departments that don't want to fill out the details of a bug (or be
presented with complex fields like "description").

As for other skills, I'm a good listener ( nevermind what my wife says ;-) )
and I'll likely chime in when I feel I can contribute.

I'm enrolling by invitation from Max Kanat-Alexander to close a bug I
submitted (Bug 418672).  I have other local changes, but I'll need to review
their worth before submitting them as patches.

Marques Johansson
bugzilla at
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