Switching to Bazaar (bzr)

Bill Barry after.fallout at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 15:07:33 UTC 2008

Teemu Mannermaa wrote:
> I do hope bzr's loggerhead that is supposed to replace Bonsai is much 
> more functional than the hg thing Mozilla uses is. It's so cumbersome 
> to use it that I simply can't get anything done with it. :(
> So if there's no better implemention of Bonsai for Mercurial then I'd 
> vote against choosing it.

Are you looking for the ability to search history easier? I'll agree 
that hgweb doesn't do that very well (that single textbox does work and 
I think it accepts python regexes to search through history). However, 
since history is local, hg comes with a command called "hg grep" which 
is rather useful in searching through history (tortoisehg provides a 
datamine feature to access this functionality through a gui). Also 
something to consider is the "hg bisect" command which allows you to 
find when a change appeared first through a interactive search.

What else does bonsai do that is missing in Mercurial?

I think bzr has pretty much the same functionality here anyways. Btw, if 
that isn't enough, you can always register a branch at bitbucket 
(www.bitbucket.org) for hg or launchpad for bzr (https://launchpad.net/)

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