Switching to Bazaar (bzr)

Teemu Mannermaa tm at sci.fi
Sun Dec 21 14:22:28 UTC 2008

On 20.12.2008 20:57, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	However, this is the place to talk about the proposal, since

There's few utilities I'd like to still work without much complication 
so I can still review and write patches for the Bugzilla Project. As 
long these are addressed one way or another, I can be convinced to move 
to bzr or some other CVS.

These are:
  1) "cvs update" to bring my landfill test instances up to date (and 
show all conflicted and modified files),
  2) "cvs update -C" to blow away all modifications on an instance,
  3) "cvs diff" to make reviewable patches and see local changes,
  4) "bzpatch" to install patches from BMO,
  5) Landfill Patch Database Administration website and scripts still 
functional so new test instances can be easily created for new branches and
  6) Bonsai and MXR utilities to view sources and their changes.
[7) Some other utility as I have a feeling that I'm forgetting something 

As I currenly understand, bzr supports same command sets than cvs so 
point 1 through 3 should work. And I'm sure you or someone else can fix 
points 4 through 5 on landfill. That leaves point 6 that might or might 
not be fixed with loggerhead (but this is not the most important point 
for me anyway). Does MXR already support bzr?

> 	"CVS is great and we shouldn't move away from it," is an
> argument that we are probably all guaranteed to ignore. :-)

CVS is working just fine for me.

> 	However, I'm open to arguments that we should move to some
> *other* VCS, or talking about how the move to bzr should go, or

I do hope bzr's loggerhead that is supposed to replace Bonsai is much 
more functional than the hg thing Mozilla uses is. It's so cumbersome to 
use it that I simply can't get anything done with it. :(

So if there's no better implemention of Bonsai for Mercurial then I'd 
vote against choosing it.
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