New language discussion?

Olav Vitters olav at
Tue Oct 30 00:32:10 UTC 2007

On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 11:07:00AM +1100, Arthur Barrett wrote:
> We are currently working on a re-write of Bugzilla in C++ as a part of
> the EVS project ( which is designed as a platform for CM
> systems rather than a version control tool.  At the moment this is all
> happening closed source and behind doors though we are/will be releasing
> "free" preview versions.  
> It has not been decided what components of evscm will be "free", what
> will be "open source" and what will be "commercially licensed" at the
> end of the project.  If I evidence to support the notion that a number
> of people in the community would help in the

Sorry.. I don't contribute to non-open source software (in my spare
time). Further, my C++ is non-existing and I have no intention to learn
it. So for me I don't think I'd ever contribute.

Won't C++ hurt where this can be installed upon? PHP seems easiest, then
in a distance (IMO) Perl, etc. C++ would require a compiler, which seems
even more restricted.

> development/testing/documenting of a C++ implementation of Bugzilla then
> it'd help the argument that we should make it open source.  But while we
> remain the only people working on it all options will be kept open.

Is the intention to stay compatible with Bugzilla?

> The next preview release will be (hopefully) later this week and that'll
> be the first release with the bugzilla engine in it.  That preview uses
> the Bugzilla 2.18/2.20 data model with mysql though the intention is to
> then switch to the 3.x data model and mysql/mssql/oracle.  Please
> subscribe to the evs-support newsgroup (details at to get the
> announcements and to contribute.
> Note: whilst evs is multi platform - due to resource shortages we've had
> to recently abandon all builds except the windows one, so this is a

Many Bugzilla devs use Linux exclusively AFAIK. So Windows only will
delay things.

> windows-only effort until at least release 1, then we intend going back
> to resurrect the unix/linux version.  However others outside of March
> Hare have already started picking up the slack and build the previous
> EVS preview for Debian.


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