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Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at
Tue Oct 30 00:07:00 UTC 2007

Max et al,

Sorry 'bout the cross post - but since the original post was across both

> > Can someone tell the latest state-of-affairs from the recent(?)
> > languages discussion to be used in Bugzilla in the future?
> 	We decided that we don't have the manpower to split the team
> between a re-write and continuing maintenance of the current Bugzilla.

I work for March Hare Software who are the primary contributors to the
multi-platform open source CVSNT project as well as providing commercial
versions and support. For our commercial products we have supported and
integrated with Bugzilla for some time.  

We are currently working on a re-write of Bugzilla in C++ as a part of
the EVS project ( which is designed as a platform for CM
systems rather than a version control tool.  At the moment this is all
happening closed source and behind doors though we are/will be releasing
"free" preview versions.  

It has not been decided what components of evscm will be "free", what
will be "open source" and what will be "commercially licensed" at the
end of the project.  If I evidence to support the notion that a number
of people in the community would help in the
development/testing/documenting of a C++ implementation of Bugzilla then
it'd help the argument that we should make it open source.  But while we
remain the only people working on it all options will be kept open.

The next preview release will be (hopefully) later this week and that'll
be the first release with the bugzilla engine in it.  That preview uses
the Bugzilla 2.18/2.20 data model with mysql though the intention is to
then switch to the 3.x data model and mysql/mssql/oracle.  Please
subscribe to the evs-support newsgroup (details at to get the
announcements and to contribute.

Note: whilst evs is multi platform - due to resource shortages we've had
to recently abandon all builds except the windows one, so this is a
windows-only effort until at least release 1, then we intend going back
to resurrect the unix/linux version.  However others outside of March
Hare have already started picking up the slack and build the previous
EVS preview for Debian.


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager 
March Hare Software

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