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David Miller justdave at
Sat Oct 20 03:41:26 UTC 2007

David Miller wrote on 10/19/07 11:32 PM:
> One thing I notice is that if I "reply-to-all" on a message that got
> posted to dev-apps-bugzilla and is being replied to via developers that
> Thunderbird addresses the reply to both lists.  This could be
> interesting.  Attempting it to see what happens (maybe they'll screen
> each other - maybe we'll get two copies).

developers (majordomo2) screened the duplicate out because the
Message-Id matched one it had already seen, dev-apps-bugzilla (mailman)
posted both copies.  Oof.

Maybe this isn't so cut and dried after all.  I'm not adverse to making
a small hack to mailman, but not a major one, and I'm not sure where to
hack it at (we're on version 2.1.9 if anyone wants to make suggestions)

What do you all think, should we just make one of the addresses forward
to the other and move the subscribers over, or find a way to munge the
headers so replies don't cause duplicates?

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