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David Miller justdave at
Sat Oct 20 03:32:20 UTC 2007

David Miller wrote on 10/19/07 11:17 PM:
> David Miller wrote on 10/19/07 11:12 PM:
>> If anyone discovers any adnormalities, please let me know.
> "abnormalities" even.
> Already found one... we're getting a bad Reply-to header on the copy
> going to dev-apps-bugzilla if the mail originates on developers.  I'll
> see if I can fix that. (this copy going to dev-apps-bugzilla via mail)

One thing I notice is that if I "reply-to-all" on a message that got
posted to dev-apps-bugzilla and is being replied to via developers that
Thunderbird addresses the reply to both lists.  This could be
interesting.  Attempting it to see what happens (maybe they'll screen
each other - maybe we'll get two copies).

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