Bug Field Scheme Templates

Tosh, Michael J michael.j.tosh at lmco.com
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While I can't speak for the developers, I'd like to suggest that you
look at it like a full template skin.


Where if the product uses a skin, attempt to load the skin's template
first, and if it isn't there, use the
template/<lang>/default/<template_struct> instead.


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In order to ask my question, I need to give a little background:


AMD is in the process of coding "bug field schemes" - the ability to
make a list of fields that are available by product.  An installation
will have the ability to have several field schemes, each of which can
be used by multiple products allowing product owners to determine the
set of fields that make the most sense for that product.  To facilitate
that, we're looking into how we extend the templating system so that it
knows where to find the appropriate template for the given product.


The question is, what is the best way to add field schemes into the
template directory structure?  We're considering the following:








Considering that this code may get contributed back to the community
(notwithstanding what others may already be doing), what is most likely
to be accepted at this point?  I ask because we are committed to
completing our own field scheme implementation before month end and I'd
like it to be as close to "acceptable" to the community at large as



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