New language discussion?

Jean-Marc Desperrier jmdesp at
Mon Nov 5 19:00:28 UTC 2007

Benton, Kevin wrote:
> Jean - rather than posting a fork, we plan to make certain patches
> available that will implement our customizations from a point in time of
> Bugzilla code.

You know, either you do it once and never update it, or a fork will be 
more convenient for everyone.

It would take you almost no time and no ressource to put it Google code, 
for example.

But I hope you can wrok out a way of contributing it back to the main 
code of course.

BTW: it seem if I post on the newsgroup and you answer on the 
mailing-list, your answer ends up as two post on the newsgroup (I don't 
know for the mailing-list)

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