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Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at
Fri Nov 2 18:29:27 UTC 2007

> Benton, Kevin wrote:
> > We're (AMD) actively working on a radical shift in the way 
> that "custom"
> > fields are being done by providing a field scheme model of 
> implementing
> > "custom" fields.  We prefer to call those "custom" fields "add-on"
> > fields rather than custom.  Once the code support them, 
> then they truly
> > will be add-on fields.  While we're doing field schemes that allow
> > administrators to select what fields are available by product, we're
> > also developing workflow schemes in the same methodology so 
> that each
> > product can have its own workflow.  There are many 
> different workflow
> > needs within our company based on the type of work being done.  Some
> > processes have an extra documentation step, some have an extra
> > incorporation step, and there are many others.  Not all 
> products need
> > the extra steps so workflow schemes will allow us to assign those
> > workflows on a per-product basis.
> I think this is great work, and it's too bad it ends up behind closed 
> doors only because of the difficulty to integrate it.
> I think you would render a great service to everybody by 
> providing it as 
> a fork.
> fork is an ugly word, but the truth is you already have that 
> fork, and 
> in addition to being a fork, nobody can see it. So it would be a 
> positive move to make it a public fork instead of a private one.
> Then, there would be a chance that someone else does the ugly work 
> needed to integrate it, or at least that bugzilla gets some 
> of it's most 
> interesting/easy to integrate elements.

Jean - rather than posting a fork, we plan to make certain patches
available that will implement our customizations from a point in time of
Bugzilla code.  My purpose for posting as I did yesterday was to further
highlight the frustation at least two large companies are experiencing
with attempting to "give back" to the Bugzilla code base.  I received
private responses from members of another very large user of Bugzilla
(who will remain anonymous) that they share the same frustrations we do
- that there is risk in contributing back to Bugzilla in that it may
cost more effort to contribute back than to stay forked.

Please see the other thread related to this one for more info. :-)



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