Setting default version for bug creation

Lee, Jarrad (Outsourcing) ja.lee at
Fri May 18 01:07:49 UTC 2007



I'm making quite a few visual and UI modifications to a Bugzilla 3.0
installation. Currently I'm looking at making the 'Version' field set
the latest (highest) version to 'selected' by default.


I'm pretty certain what I need to change in create.html.tmpl is here...


<td align="right" valign="top">




      <select name="version" size="5">

        [%- FOREACH v = version %]

          <option value="[% v FILTER html %]"

            [% " selected=\"selected\"" IF v == default.version %]>[% v
FILTER html -%]


        [%- END %]




For example if I have the versions (they show up in this order, with
'Pre 4.1.3' selected by default):







Pre 4.1.3


In this case I would like 4.2.2 to be selected by default.


I have no idea what default.version is or where to set it... Any ideas
would be much appreciated.



Jarrad Lee

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