[Fwd: Re: [all-list] Status Witeboard in bugzilla]

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Jun 28 20:24:13 UTC 2007

Dave Williss wrote:
> We used to use the Status Whiteboard to keep track of which clients had 
> reported a particular bug so that our support staff could notify them 
> when it's fixed.  I transferred this to a custom field so that support 
> could set it when creating the bug and also so that it could be called 
> "Clients" instead of "Whiteboard".
> Now they want it to be more like the CC list, but pulling from a 
> different group of users than the CC list. The main reason for 
> separating the lists is that our bugzilla is on a private LAN with no 
> connection to the outside world, so we can't just have bugzilla email 
> them directly.

Keywords is a good field to use for this sort of thing, if your customer 
set is manageable. It seems to have roughly the semantics you want.


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