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Dave Williss dwilliss at microimages.com
Thu Jun 28 20:09:56 UTC 2007

In the no good deed goes unpunished category...

We used to use the Status Whiteboard to keep track of which clients had 
reported a particular bug so that our support staff could notify them 
when it's fixed.  I transferred this to a custom field so that support 
could set it when creating the bug and also so that it could be called 
"Clients" instead of "Whiteboard".

Now they want it to be more like the CC list, but pulling from a 
different group of users than the CC list. The main reason for 
separating the lists is that our bugzilla is on a private LAN with no 
connection to the outside world, so we can't just have bugzilla email 
them directly.

Is there any plan to expand custom fields to allow this sort of thing or 
should I tell them it just ain't gonna happen?

Dave Williss
MicroImages, Inc.

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Thanks.  Thats an improvement.  Not to be greedy, but is there any way 
to include client name and email address?  You could list multiple 
clients similar to the way you do QA Contact.
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I have added a custom field called "Clients" to our bugzilla and 
transferred the contents of the Status Whiteboard field to it.

There are two advantages to this.
1. Being a custom field, I was able to click a toggle to allow it to be 
set on creation of new bugs.
2. The name makes sense for what we use it for.

The Status Whiteboard field is still there but it's now blank.  We can 
now use it for the purpose for which it was intended, which is just a 
place for quick notes about the current status of the bug.  

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