Reuse of Bugzilla Authentication

David Miller justdave at
Wed Jun 13 13:53:49 UTC 2007

Jochen Wiedmann wrote on 6/13/07 6:43 AM:
> On 6/13/07, David Miller <justdave at> wrote:
>> I think Bugzilla already has an equivalent to this...  a column intended
>> to be used to map to userids on an external system...  looking at the
>> schema, I think this is the "extern_id" column.
> Thanks for the hint. But this isn't maintainable via the GUI, is it?

Doesn't look like it currently.  That would probably be easy to fix.
Right now it looks like it's only used Environment-based auth, so if
your email on your external auth account changes Bugzilla will
automatically fix its copy the next time you log in.

perldoc Bugzilla/ shows this in the section about $login_data_hash:

           Some string that uniquely identifies the user in an external
           account source. If this "extern_id" already exists in the
           with a different username, the username will be *changed* to
be the
           username specified in this $login_data.

           That is, let's my extern_id is "mkanat". I already have an
           in Bugzilla with the username of "mkanat at". But this time,
           when I log in, I have an extern_id of "mkanat" and a
"username" of
           "mkanat at". So now, Bugzilla will automatically change my
           username to "mkanat at" instead of "mkanat at".

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