The UI when viewing a bug is broken (fieldsets overlap)? I need you!

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Mon Jul 23 14:09:25 UTC 2007


I need your help to test a patch I wrote which should fix bug 370739,
which is about the fieldsets overlap when viewing a bug with Firefox 2
(Firefox 3 is not affected). One of the ugliest UI I could get is shown
in this screenshot:

Nice, isn't it?

So in the bug itself
( some users say
they can also easily reproduce the UI issue, and some others say they
are unable to reproduce it. In some cases, the overlap is huge as in the
screenshot above, sometimes not.

After some time, and thanks to the link provided by dbaron, I wrote a
patch which fixes the problem for me:

Now I need to know if this fixes the problem for you too, in order to
include it in the coming Bugzilla 3.0.1 (and 3.1.1) release. It would be
great if those of you being affected by this bug could apply and test
the patch and reply in bug 370739 if you have an account on b.m.o, else
 here directly.

Thanks for your contribution. :)


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