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Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Jan 16 00:15:11 UTC 2007

Wayne Mery wrote:
> Approximately half of you mentioned placement of the comment box. 
> Perhaps this issue can be more easily addressed (with concensus) than 
> other issues?
> However, I submit even 2.22's top placement (which for those with 
> editbug seems to be the concensus preference) is not ideal. I must 
> scroll to see the first or most recent comments or get past 
> attachments section (which I rarely need to see) and then scroll back 
> up to change any fields.  I'd really rather see everything at once, or 
> at least not have to scroll much more than one page.
> Has anyone tested a side-by-side arrangement?  That is, have comments 
> start at the top of page in a scrollable column of their own next to 
> the labels?
> I'd appreciate your comments on an example I've mocked up 
>  Can it be mocked up on landfill?
I remember somewhere before a discussion about making it two columns 
like that, but the central issue was that the two pages would be too 
wide for a bugzilla page. The reason it is too wide in many cases is 
that several of the fields can potentially have long values (product, 
component, assigned to and milestone) and that the attachments table 
spans the entire page (and sometimes has long names there, like a full 
cvs file path)
> For reporters and the like who don't have edit privs - 2.23's bottom 
> placement might encourage users to read the latest comments before 
> commenting themselves. OTOH 2.22's top placement, below attachments 
> and above comment 0, encourages nothing IMO - reading of the 
> reporter's STR or the last comments. So perhaps 2.23's setup is better.
The placement at the bottom is only at bmo, (and it is good there, I 
think). However, for a general installation, the comment box placement 
at the bottom is not something I would want. For a clean idea of what 
2.23 looks like, visit:
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