Minutes of the last Bugzilla meeting

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 14:24:20 UTC 2007

We had a Bugzilla meeting yesterday. You can read the minutes there:


or below:

* Max Kanat-Alexander (mkanat) and Frédéric Buclin (LpSolit) are now 
allowed to grant approval on bugs. So the team of approvers for the 
Bugzilla product is now justdave, myk, mkanat and LpSolit.

* mkanat will check whether the last webservice bug is really a blocker 
for 3.0 or not. That's the very last bug remaining on our roadmap for 3.0.

* No major problems found following the upgrade of bugzilla.mozilla.org 
(aka b.m.o). Most serious bugs were fixed within 48-72 hours. b.m.o nows 
runs smoothly with mod_perl enabled. Thanks to justdave and reed for the 
hard work before and during the upgrade.

* We decided to drop the 2.23.4 release. We got enough feedback since 
the upgrade of the b.m.o installation 2 weeks ago to feel confident with 
our current code. So our next release will be 3.0 RC1.

* We don't agree whether the Bugzilla project should have its own 
Bugzilla installation (e.g. bugzilla.bugzilla.org) or not. Some of us 
see dogfood as a good way to test our own code. One drawback is that 
moving bugs between Mozilla products (e.g. the mozilla.org or b.m.o 
products) and the Bugzilla product would be a pain. This would also 
break saved searches which are not able to query 2 separate 
installations in one shot. Also, users would probably hate to have 2 
separate accounts to report bugs.

* The QA team will have to redo all QA tests again as we finally didn't 
release 2.22.2 and 2.23.4 on mid-December, despite QA tests were all 
done and passed successfully. There has been too many checkins since the 
b.m.o upgrade so that new tests are required again. As we will move 
directly to 3.0 RC1, the QA team will wait for all remaining blockers to 
be fixed before running them again, though.

* 7 blockers left to fix before releasing 3.0 RC1. 3 of them only affect 
the bugzilla.org website (updating the documentation, documenting new 
features, building required RPM packages for distros which don't have 

* 3.0 RC1 won't be ready before the second half of February, probably.

* We will have some help from the Mozilla Corporation for the Press 
Release when Bugzilla 3.0 will come out.

* "Make Bugzilla easily pluggable" summaries where Bugzilla should go 
for future major releases. In other words, it should be easier for 3rd 
parties to write plugins. This will let us focus on the bug tracking 
tool aspect of the product, but allowing extensions to be added.

* Our next meeting will take place on January 23, same time.


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