GLUE version control and bugtracking abstraction layer

David Miller justdave at
Sun Jan 7 23:15:28 UTC 2007

Fred Leeflang wrote on 1/5/07 11:02 AM:

> So mkanat already pointed out the Webservice interface to bugzilla at 
> -> Bugzilla::WebService. I 
> glanced
> over this and it seems that the webservices are rather limited at this 
> point.
> I would love to help developping this some more and make bugzilla integrate
> with GLUE (or make GLUE integrate with bugzilla if you want :)
> Would you be interested in such a cooperation?

Of course we would.  The webservice stuff is still pretty new.  Getting 
additional development on that to have the features you need would 
probably be the best course of action.

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