GLUE version control and bugtracking abstraction layer

Fred Leeflang fredl at
Fri Jan 5 16:02:55 UTC 2007


I just briefly mentioned something about this on the bugzilla IRC channel
but since everybody's pretty busy, including myself, I thought I'd ask 
it here

I'm working on an opensource tool called 'GLUE'. The development stage
is pre-alpha but things are coming along quite well. GLUE aims to be
an abstraction layer between version control systems and bugtracking 
A 'tutorial' or rather terse design for it can be found at

When you glance over the tutorial you will hopefully understand the 
nature of my
proposal. I want to try and access the bugzilla database through a 
so I can query the bugzilla database for all sorts of relevant 
information about bugs
and then link that information together with relevant information from 
control systems. Obviously this could be do-able through accessing 
Bugzilla through
it's web interface programmatically and parsing out the results but this 
would also
be very tedious and prone to errors.

So mkanat already pointed out the Webservice interface to bugzilla at -> Bugzilla::WebService. I 
over this and it seems that the webservices are rather limited at this 

I would love to help developping this some more and make bugzilla integrate
with GLUE (or make GLUE integrate with bugzilla if you want :)

Would you be interested in such a cooperation?

Fred Leeflang

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