Priority System for Enhancements

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at
Tue Feb 27 22:35:03 UTC 2007

Hi all :-)

> 	During our most recent meeting (you'll see minutes and so
> forth, soon), justdave suggested that we come up with a long-term
> roadmap.


> 	To assist this (or basically implement it), I'm going to be
> prioritizing enhancements.
> 	P1 = We definitely want this. It's a major feature, and it's
> obvious that it would be useful to everybody.
> 	P2 = We want this, but it's not totally clear or extremely
> important.
> 	P3 = This isn't a bad idea, and maybe we'll want to implement
> it at some point in the future, but it's not near-term roadmap
> material. Some core Bugzilla developer may work on it.
> 	P4 = This isn't a terrible idea, but it's not important to our
> long-term plans for Bugzilla. We would review a patch if somebody
> posted it, but a core developer is unlikely to work on it.
> 	P5 = We basically never want this. If somebody implements it
> and asks for review, we *might* look at it.

I'm wondering - there are cases when it might be useful to use
Enhancement_Urgent, Enhancement_Needed, Enhancement_Wanted,
Enhancement_Not_Likely as the severity rather than changing the meaning
of Priority based on the status?  I'm saying this because I know of a
number of Bugzilla users that have service level agreements set up in
such a way so that the customer determines severity and the developer
determines priority.  I'm not suggesting that this override your
suggestion below, however, it is worth considering.  I have felt for a
very long time that "Enhancement" (in and of itself) is inadequate in
describing how badly the "customer" wants something though both sides
agree that it's not a part of the current design (correct or not).

One other possibility is to create Roadmap flags: Plan:ThisMajorRel,
Plan:ThisMinorRel, Plan:ThisFixRel, Plan:NextMajorRel,
Plan:NextMinorRel, Plan:NextBugFixRel, Plan:FutureRel.  It also wouldn't
be difficult to implement those as keywords.  If Plan: soundsl ik

> 	Also, if you're a reviewer, feel free to prioritize
> enhancements like this. Just remember that a P1 should be really
> obviously needed, and we should basically all agree that it's needed.

Could voting play a helpful role in this?

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