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Thanks for the reply and confirmation Fergus, that's what I meant.


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Classifications have a 1-to-many relationship with products.  Each  
product can only belong to 1 one classification.  Each classification  
can contain many products.

I suspect you're looking for many-to-many, which is not supported by  


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On Tue 27-Feb-07, at 11a33 , Sam Fu wrote:

> I'm hoping this is the correct forum to ask this question.  If not,  
> I apologize in advance, but I've been unable to find any detailed  
> information concerning classifications.  I was wondering if it was  
> intended that the relationship between classifications and products  
> be 1 to 1 rather than 1 to many.  In my Bugzilla, we want to  
> introduce bug hierarchy for agile development and before I was  
> doing it by modifying the database and code until I noticed  
> classification.  The only hurdle that I've run into is the 1 to 1  
> relationship between classification and products.  Thanks in  
> advance for any help.
>                         --Sam

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