Perl 5.9.5 available on landfill

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Wed Aug 1 11:22:48 UTC 2007

	The most recent development release of Perl is 5.9.5, and it
was released just a few days ago. It is supposed to be the last
development release before 5.10.

	So, I've installed a copy on landfill. It's /usr/bin/perl5.9.5
and I've installed all of the required Perl modules for Bugzilla (and
most of the optional ones too).

	For anybody interested in having their own Perl 5.9.5 installed
in /opt/ on their RHEL4 server, I've made the RPM packages available

	It's the "perl595" packages. They install in /opt/, and
shouldn't interfere with your local Perl at all. (But if you use CPAN,
remember to set the .cpan directory to something other than /root/.cpan
when you configure it.)

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