Revised "Bug Writing Guidelines" available for review

Eli Goldberg eli at
Mon Sep 11 14:52:57 UTC 2006

> Eli Goldberg wrote:
> Any chance of a patch, so we can see the differences?

Hi, Gerv --

Sure. I'll attach the difference of a 'diff' command between the files right

If something more fancy than that is needed (such as from CVS), I'd have to
defer to you, Gandalf or Max.

It's been years since I've used CVS, and I don't see how to do it without
actually setting up a repository and having made the changes using CVS.

> How would you like feedback?

Probably best to put it in bug #352165, which I just created to track this

> Have you filed a bug to track this work?

Oh, hey, where did I just get that idea from? ;-)
> Is it well-written? ;-)

Way better than before!

There may be the occasional typo since I haven't seen it without
templatization. I suspect the layout (use of blockquote/etc) may be worth
reviewing for technical correctness, although it looks fine to me on Safari
& Firefox.

> Gerv
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