Inbound Email

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Thu Oct 19 20:22:15 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 12:34 -0700, Benton, Kevin wrote:
> Is there a way in this interface to specifically reject attachments or
> at least to specify one or more regexes of addresses where they're
> allowed to come from?  Some are worried about inbound email not being
> virus-checked properly and want to prevent the potential for spammed
> worms.

	Well, the current interface rejects all attachments, because I haven't
implemented attachment support yet. :-) (Although I will for 3.0.)

	After we have attachment support, you could file a bug requesting that

	As far as virus-checking goes, I highly recommend that all system
administrators have virus-checkers in their MTAs, of course.

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