REST + microformats as a Bugzilla API

Myk Melez myk at
Wed Oct 18 19:18:42 UTC 2006

Gervase Markham wrote:
> As long as we keep stuff to this sort of level (i.e. we don't tie our 
> hands about tag choice or structure),
I think we should follow the lead of the microformats project, using 
actual microformats 
<>, microformats 
design patterns 
<>, or homegrown 
formats/patterns as appropriate.

Note that this might imply tag choice or structure in some cases.  But 
even if it does, that doesn't mean it ties our hands, since we can 
decide to change an API.  We should judge each case individually instead 
of deciding in advance what we can and cannot do.

> and as long as we document each ID we add for this purpose (in the 
> relevant template header and in whatever public "here's our API" 
> document we have)
I don't think we should make this an official API that we require our 
developers to document just yet.

Rather, I think we should just keep structured data in mind when writing 
(and revising) our HTML output, just as we already keep stylability in 
mind.  And since the two overlap to a significant degree, so this 
doesn't require much change.


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