bugzilla.org website CVS repository moving

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Fri Oct 6 05:58:32 UTC 2006

Colin Ogilvie wrote on 10/5/06 4:06 AM:
> On Thu Oct  5  8:18 , David Miller <justdave at bugzilla.org> sent:
>> I just flipped the switch on the production webserver.  You can now
>> safely completely ignore the old projects/bugzilla repo and only edit
>> pages on the new one now.
> How does this affect changes being checked in to the site - does it automatically
> pull them and build the site still, or does it behave like mozilla.com and
> require server ops to push it?

It still automatically pulls every 10 minutes.  It's behind a caching
proxy though, so depending on when you hit it, the changes might take
longer to show up.  But it's been that way for the last couple months
already anyway.

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