Bugzilla Meeting Minutes: 2006-03-28

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Tue Mar 28 21:26:36 UTC 2006

	We had a very short meeting today. If you were unable to attend, you
can read the log here:


	* QA is underway for the 2.22 and 2.20.2 releases. The QA team can
always use more help. If you'd like to help, come to #qa-bugzilla on
irc.mozilla.org and talk to LpSolit.

	* We hope to release 2.22 and 2.20.2 by April 10.

	* We could use more active reviewers. Becoming a reviewer basically
involves contributing enough patches and doing some informal reviews.
Once you really understand Bugzilla code and our style guide, then you
get to be a reviewer. I'm going to eventually write up a guide on how to
become one. But the way to start is to contribute.

	* Bugzilla Testrunner is now known as Testopia. The IRC channel is
#testopia on irc.mozilla.org. Gregary Hendricks and others are working
toward 1.0. Testopia always welcomes more contributors! If you'd like to
contribute, come into the IRC channel and talk to ghendricks.

	Our next meeting is on Tuesday, April 11, 2006, at 18:00 GMT (11:00
PDT). Yes, the GMT meeting time has changed, because of Daylight Savings
Time in the USA.

	If you want to discuss something at our next meeting, put it on the


	We look forward to seeing you there!

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