Bugzilla related little project and e-mail notification

Julien BETI julien.beti at free.fr
Thu Mar 23 16:51:48 UTC 2006

Well, I'd like to keep my application "full java", and use the Bugzilla 
rescan mail functionality as a kind of web service. I finally found the 
time to learn a bit of Perl and to propose a patch (for Bugzilla 2.20), 
available here:

It simply introduce in new request parameter "forceDelayTo" which if set 
forces the delay to the specified value. In my application 
(http://freshmeat.net/projects/jujunie-integration/), I'm using it set to 0

Please let me know if this patch is acceptable, as I'm a real beginner 
in Perl, and as I perhaps did not realize the full impacts of this 
change. Is there a chance to see it included in one of upcoming Bugzilla 

David Miller wrote:

>Julien BETI wrote on 1/10/06 6:01 PM:
>>I have a little question to improve my project. After updating the
>>Bugzilla database with new deadlines, I'm calling the sanitycheck,
>>section rescan unsend mail, in order to make Bugzilla sends the e-mails
>>notifying the changes. But in your script, there is a delay in order to
>>not send e-mails if the change is more recent than 30 minutes ago. Since
>>I'd like to propose a patch to add a parameter to define this delay (and
>>set it to 0 in my case :p), and in order to avoid regressions, I'd like
>>to know why this delay has been introduced? Your answer will be also
>>useful for the CruiseControl BugzillaPublisher plugin (developed by
>>Nanthrax: http://buildprocess.sourceforge.net/bugzillapublisher.html)
>>where I'd like to porpose a patch to add the "e-mail notification" also.
>There's a "sendbugmail.pl" script which probably is a better match for
>what you're looking for.  It takes the bug number on the command line,
>and sends any unsent mail for that specific bug.  Assuming you know
>which bugs you're changing that would probably be a safer route to go.
>Also, there is a "sendunsentbugmail.pl" script (in contrib I think)
>which does exactly what the sanitycheck process does, but doesn't have
>the overhead of running everything else in sanitycheck as well (and also
>does it from the command line).  That script should be pretty easy to
>modify to remove the 30 minute exception if you really need to run it
>across the board instead of on specific bugs.

La route est longue, mais la voie est libre...

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