Technology requirements in browsers

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at
Thu Mar 2 18:07:15 UTC 2006

Dennis Melentyev wrote:
> Luis Villa wrote:
> > On 3/2/06, Nick Barnes <Nick.Barnes at> wrote:
> >
> >>I have considerable sympathy for this point of view, but from a
> >>different direction: in testing the P4DTI we use several of the
> >>Bugzilla interfaces from a python script.  This is easy as long as
> >>is possible to get basic Bugzilla functionality from any program
> >>can talk HTTP.
> >
> >
> > Wouldn't the right thing to do here be to finish the XML-RPC APIs?
> 100% argee.
> The main thing for me is UI have to be divided from functionality. So,
> one who need human-less operation (cron-based lynx or HTTP modules or
> other not-fully-browsers-things) would be able to call some API (say,
> Bugzilla-client CPAN module?) to do their stuff. With HTML UI left to
> most of people with modern browsers.

That sounds like a very reasonable requirement to me.  Is that on the
3.0 roadmap?  I've misplaced the URL and couldn't get to it from the
htdig link (gives internal server error).

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