We now require perl 5.8

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at bugzilla.org
Wed Mar 1 23:49:51 UTC 2006

	Just so everybody knows, we know require perl 5.8.0 on the tip.

	This allows us to do various things, in particular, we can now:

	* "use fields" for modules, if we want (which we should, I think)

	* "use Switch" (instead of faking switch statements)

	* Use various utf8 and encoding functions that are built-in to perl, if
we want.

	* We might want to consider using Attribute::Handlers for some reason
or another in some of our objects. Perhaps we could save some of our
repetitive code by using our own custom attributes.

	* We can now do "use if" for our optional modules.

	* We can use List::Util if we want.

	* For certain performance-critical functions, we can use the Memoize
module. This should be used sparingly.

	* We may want to "use open ':utf8'" wherever we open files.

	* Storable is always included, we no longer need to check for it.

	* MIME::Base64 is always included, although if we need a specific
version we should still check for it.

	* We can use Scalar::Util. A simple example is that we can use
"Scalar::Util::tainted" instead of our "is_tainted."

	* Test::More, Test::Simple, and Test::Balanced are always available.

	* The release notes say "The Test module has been significantly
enhanced," although I'm not sure what the enhancements are.

	* GetOpt::Long is always available, we should always use it instead of
special ways of reading command-line arguments.

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