What kind of home page for Bugzilla?

Albert Ting altlst at sonic.net
Thu Mar 2 01:05:22 UTC 2006

Gavin Shelley writes:
> From: Gavin Shelley <bugzilla at chimpychompy.org>
> To: developers at bugzilla.org
> Subject: Re: What kind of home page for Bugzilla?
> Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 16:57:04 +0000
> I like: http://bugzilla.neooffice.org/
> (With some extra stats columns for individual products)

This looks nice.  But if a person was already logged in, it would be nice
if it displayed the user's top bugzilla tickets, stats, etc.  Sort of like
a custom home page.

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