Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Jul 14 16:06:25 UTC 2006

I've come back to working on the personas. Thanks to you who started a
conversation, even if it was a bit one-sided while I went away to be ill
:-) I think I've continued each one; please do go back and respond to
what I said. Particularly:

One thing that has emerged is that we need two sorts of "coder" persona
- one for closed and one for open source, because they use Bugzilla in
different ways. I'd like to try and nail down those differences on the
mailing list before going back to make that split. Here's what I have so

* Triages own bugs, and decides own priorities
* Interacts directly with customers and users
* May well use multiple Bugzillas

* Most bug triage and prioritisation is done by managers
* No direct customer interaction
* Uses just a single install, or a couple of very similar ones.

Any more ideas? Are these enough differences to require a split?

Lastly, Gandalf has created two more outline personas, listed here:
I'd be interested to know whether people feel these are new, hitherto
undiscovered user types, or whether they are merely combinations or
variants of the existing ones.


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