prioritizing custom fields development

Myk Melez myk at
Tue Feb 28 20:58:32 UTC 2006

Thanks all for your feedback.  Based on what you've told me and my own 
sense of the project, I've roughly prioritized tasks into the following 
list, where the tasks appearing earlier are higher priority:

    1. custom fields appearance on search, bug list, change multiple
       bugs, long list, and printable pages;
    2. ability to list and delete custom fields via the command-line;
    3. boolean fields;
    4. web interface for managing custom fields;
    5. ability to position fields at arbitrary places on the edit
       bug page;
    6. type-constrained plain-text fields;
    7. single-select fields;
    8. user fields;
    9. bug fields;
   10. multi-select fields;
   11. date fields;
   12. ability to restrict fields to specific product/component
   13. ability to restrict fields to specific user groups;
   14. multi-user fields;
   15. multi-bug fields.

Note that this doesn't preclude anyone from implementing these features 
out-of-order.  In fact, I encourage you to tackle any or all of these 
tasks, since on my own it'll take a long time to get all of this done, 
and Bugzilla will be better off if we get this work done sooner.


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