Sub-bug issue revisited

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Thu Feb 16 15:38:26 UTC 2006

First, I agree that the sub-bug issue is important, but I have not had a 
flash of insipration on how to best address it.
> 	Also, it might be nice to have an easier way to file one bug that has a
> lot of blockers. I've certainly done that many times and it takes some
> time!
Would it be a good thing to enable the mass-change form to have some 
URLs that take the user directly to a new bug with a bunch of 
dependencies already filled in?  This way, you query, click mass-change, 
select a bunch of bugs, then click on a (javascript-dependent) hyperlink 
that has the list of bugs in the blocking bugs list?

This would be a shift of "mass-change" to "perform a mass operation" 
which I think we need to do anyway because of LpSolit's saved bug 
lists.  (I really want to mass add/subtract bugs from those lists)


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