Fergus Sullivan fergus at
Mon Aug 7 22:23:32 UTC 2006

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>> Although, it does seem odd to say "This is our preferred style. But we
>> haven't changed all the code to match because that would, er, involve
>> changing the code."
> No, this [avoiding perltidy?] makes perfect sense. Bitrotting some patches awaiting review
> only because we added or removed some whitespaces or moved a bracket on
> its own line, etc... is a waste of time for everybody: for the developer
> writing the patch as well as for the reviewer wasting his time reviewing
> a patch which no longer applies correctly. And of course, in case you
> have to backport your patch to branches, the probability that your patch
> doesn't apply cleanly on branches is higher because we did some minor
> changes on the trunk
There are places I've worked where adjusting white space/code formatting 
was considered almost a sackable offence. 

In the case of Bugzilla it seems a major blocking point has been lack of 
sufficient resources to review patches.

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