SCMBUG and Bugzilla 2.20

kristis.makris at kristis.makris at
Wed Oct 19 23:12:56 UTC 2005

Thanks for the patches Aleksey.

>The primary focus of those modifications was to move SCMBUG out
>of "C:\Program Files" and to make the reverse integration

By the way you could do that just by supplying the right arguments to ./configure .

> from Bugzilla to Subversion: all files in SCMBUG's comments
> are shown as links that lead to the side-by-side compare
> page in WebSVN.

This looks similar to You should
mention it to developers at I'm sure they'd welcome this integration.
I don't think there's an interface or convention on how to do that consistently
across bug-trackers (e.g. do the same for Mantis). It'd be nice to setup some

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