Bugzilla t-shirt now available at the store

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at amd.com
Wed Oct 19 18:48:56 UTC 2005

It might also be nice if you offered one in a light color like white so
we wouldn't burn up while wearing the shirt at outdoor venues during the

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> Joel: Right now we don't have any plans to do a Polo shirt.  We will
> how things go with the tshirt.  In general, the polo shirts sold at
> Mozilla store do not seem to be quite as popular as the tshirts.
> Joel Peshkin wrote:
> > Marcia Knous wrote:
> >
> >> In case anyone is interested, we have a Bugzilla t-shirt available
> >> the Mozilla Store -
> >> http://store.mozilla.org/product.asp?code=MZ13022&catid=2.
> >> <http://store.mozilla.org/product.asp?code=MZ13022&catid=2>
> >
> > Looks nice.  Is a Polo shirt coming as well?
> >
> >
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