Bugzilla Performance Tuning

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at acm.org
Sat Nov 19 23:55:07 UTC 2005

On Sat, Nov 19, 2005 at 11:19:36AM -0800, Joel Peshkin wrote:
> My starting list....

0) modperl. I actually have this working for index.cgi, and mostly
working for show_bug.cgi (mostly meaning its very very hacky)

> 4) MySql's query cache is off by default.   Has anyone experimented with 
> this?  I did some very rudimentary tests and found that the act of 
> loading and displaying the next bug in a buglist results in about 10 
> successful query cache hits. I have not idea how much time that saves or 
> doesn't save.

Can you find out what queries? If we're running the same query multiple
times in a row, we should fix that.


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