UI hackathon proposal

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Sat Mar 5 02:12:11 UTC 2005

I'd like to accelerate improvements to the Bugzilla user interface with 
weekly UI hackathons over the next couple of months.  Each hackathon 
would be a day-long intensive hacking session in which a team of 
designer-developers would collaborate via the Internet on a series of 
fixes to the UI for a specific Bugzilla component.

Fixes will still be iterative (one bug per issue, one fix per bug), but 
we'll develop them in parallel to the extent possible, and at the end of 
each day, if all goes well, we'll have made significant changes.  We'll 
review previous proposals and work in bugs and CVS branches before 
embarking upon changes, and I'll be around for the entire session to 
approve proposals, parcel out work, and review fixes.

For the first five hackathons I want to tackle the home, search, search 
results, and show bug pages and the site navigation (not necessarily in 
that order).  Later sessions will tackle other pages and parts of the app.

The idea is to significantly improve our UI via targeted intensive 
hacking sessions while retaining our iterative development process.  
Doing this work in the compressed timescale of a hackathon presents many 
challenges, but I hope it also unleashes a great deal of creative and 
productive energy and will ultimately be successful.

I'd like to get started in a couple of weeks and hold one hackathon per 
week on the same weekday every week (Friday?) from about 9am-6pm PST 
(GMT-08:00) until the five components mentioned above have all been 
hacked, targeting this work to the Bugzilla 2.22 release.



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