QA testing: 36 hours left till Bugzilla 2.20rc2

Frédéric Buclin LpSolit at
Fri Jul 29 00:44:28 UTC 2005

The 2.20 branch is now frozen for checkins till we release 2.20rc2. We 
expect to release it on Saturday, i.e. in ~ 36 hours starting from now.

For those who want to help, even testing only a feature or two, feel 
free to join us in #qa-bugzilla.

The QA team is tracking progress on landfill in the meta-bug:

This bug is restricted to the 'QA' group, so unless you ask us to add 
you in this group, you won't be able to see (and change) the bug.

The goal is to avoid another release next week, and to catch regressions 
if there are some. Actually, we are only 4 to do some QA stuff and we 
certainly cannot test all possible combinations. But we expect to catch 
any major regression or bug.

If you have upgraded to the latest 2.20 (pre-2.20rc2) and if you observe 
something wrong with this version, please open a bug on b.m.o or join us 
in #qa-bugzilla. If you haven't such an installation, feel free to do 
tests on (which is based on 
MySQL) and which will be the final 2.20rc2.

Any help is welcome! :)

Frederic (LpSolit)

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