Scalability Information

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Thu Jul 28 20:23:23 UTC 2005

Calvert, Douglas wrote:

> I am presenting a proposal to use bugzilla internally tomorrow. I know
>some wise guy is going to ask how many users/bugs/queries/searches can
>it handle on a moderate machine. I also know that we are not ever going
>to test this limit but I want to have some statistics anyway. Does
>anyone have any good anecdotes about bugzilla's performance on moderate
>hardware? And or the stats on a couple huge installations like
>mozilla/ Thanks a lot...
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If you expect to have more than a few hundred users and more than about 
10K bugs, I strongly suggest using a shadow database (via mysql 
replication).  You can run everything on a moderate machine with no 
problem.  If you want to geek it a bit, just add extra memory and dual 
CPU.  Definitely dont skimp on the disk drives. 

I have 500 users and 20K bugs and 16GB attachments on a Sun Ultra/60.  
It can get a bit slow sometimes, but not bad.  When I upgrade,  I'll use 
a shadow database on the same hardware.

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