Windows / Postgres Testing Box for Landfill

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sun Jul 24 19:08:50 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-24 at 01:11 -0400, Mick Weiss wrote:
> I'm not sure if you guys would be interested but- I spoke with a friend 
> of mine who has some contacts @ the local college here. They may be able 
> to have the spare hardware / bandwidth for a bugzilla test box running 
> Windows and Postgresql.
> Would this be of interest to the QA team / developers?

	Absolutely. :-) We were wanting to have just such a thing for a
while. :-) It would be nice if it could also run MySQL, too.

> - what things I need to consider

	Basically, we'd need to set up a Tinderbox client on your Windows box.
Right now our Tinderbox clients sometimes depend on Unix system
functions, so either we or you may have to re-write them. However, if
you want we can give you the perl code for the clients, and let you know
how it works, and you can try to get it up and running.

	The database-testing code is extremely system-dependent at the moment,
so it would take longer to get that to run on Windows, but it wouldn't
be totally impossible.

	You can just come into #mozwebtools on and talk to us
about it. If we're not around, just wait around until we are. :-)

	I think the people on IRC who know the most about the Tinderbox clients
for Bugzilla would be justdave, myself, zach, and wicked. And as far as
Bugzilla/Win32 glob or jth would probably be good people to help out
with that.

> - who should I talk to about creating a link on the site

	For, you can ask me. (I'm mkanat in IRC, when I'm
around.) If I'm not around, you can ask justdave, too, but he's usually
pretty busy.

> - what are the minimum hardware specs required.... etc.

	No min hardware specs. :-) We've run tinderboxes on Pentium machines
before, I think. :-)

	The faster the machine is, the more different test suites it can handle
simultaneously, though, and the quicker it completes them.

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