Windows / Postgres Testing Box for Landfill

Mick Weiss micklweiss at
Sun Jul 24 05:11:31 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if you guys would be interested but- I spoke with a friend 
of mine who has some contacts @ the local college here. They may be able 
to have the spare hardware / bandwidth for a bugzilla test box running 
Windows and Postgresql.

Would this be of interest to the QA team / developers? If this wouldn't 
work out with this college, I personally have contacts at 3 different 
universities / colleges that might be able to help out. Let me know if 
this would be of interest and:

- what things I need to consider
- who should I talk to about creating a link on the site
- what are the minimum hardware specs required.... etc.

I can think of a few names who could help me with those questions... but 
they are all on this list anyhow ;-)

btw: the reason that I mention universities is because they usually have 
really good bandwidth and they often help out with similar things (like 
www mirrors) etc. Open source advocates are also easy to find there :-D

- Mick

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