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Fri Jul 15 13:35:27 UTC 2005

Any plans to do automated/scripted testing?


On 7/15/05, Frédéric Buclin <LpSolit at> wrote:
> Due to our broken 2.18.2 release last week, we decided to create a QA
> team to avoid such thing again. Actually, we are two reviewers in this
> team: Teemu Mannermaa (aka wicked or Zornreich) and myself. A third
> reviewer may join the team soon depending on his new job: Byron Jones
> (aka glob).
> The PostgreSQL support is still experimental in 2.20 but we will very
> soon require someone using it on a daily basis to test and make sure
> everything works fine in future releases.
> So if some of you (no need to be a Bugzilla expert to help) are
> interested in joining the team or simply help us occasionally to have
> non-broken releases (let's hope 2.18.4 will not be followed two days
> later by 2.18.5), please contact me, either directly in IRC (nick:
> LpSolit) or per email at LpSolit at, or by replying to
> developers at Also, I'm especially interested in users or
> developers using Bugzilla on Windows and/or using PostgreSQL.
> A few words about what will change for future releases:
> - No checkin will be allowed at least 24/48 hours before a release,
> allowing the QA team to test the new release as much as possible and fix
> regressions *before* the release instead of after. For comparison, we
> did 24 checkins less than 18 hours before releasing 2.20rc1/2.18.2. That
> was far too much and gave us no chance to catch regressions on time (in
> fact, a first regression was found and fixed on time, but we missed the
> second one).
> - For those who have editbugs privileges on b.m.o, you are free to add
> the 'qawanted' keyword to bugs to specify that some attention is
> required from the QA team. Use this keyword when a bug needs a testcase,
> additional information or looks like a regression. If you cannot add
> this keyword due to restrictions on your account, please set the flag to
> either blocking2.18.x? or blocking2.20? depending on which versions are
> affected. mkanat, justdave, myk or anyone else with enough privileges
> can then set the 'qawanted' keyword for you. Please *do not* use this
> keyword for bugs requesting new features (bugs marked as 'enhancement').
> I will ignore those bugs.
>    Please don't remove the 'qawanted' keyword unless you belong to the
> QA team.
> - Remaining things are internal to the QA team. ;)
> Thank you for your attention.
> Have a nice week-end,
> Frederic "LpSolit" Buclin
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