QA team

Frédéric Buclin LpSolit at
Fri Jul 15 13:28:25 UTC 2005

Due to our broken 2.18.2 release last week, we decided to create a QA 
team to avoid such thing again. Actually, we are two reviewers in this 
team: Teemu Mannermaa (aka wicked or Zornreich) and myself. A third 
reviewer may join the team soon depending on his new job: Byron Jones 
(aka glob).

The PostgreSQL support is still experimental in 2.20 but we will very 
soon require someone using it on a daily basis to test and make sure 
everything works fine in future releases.

So if some of you (no need to be a Bugzilla expert to help) are 
interested in joining the team or simply help us occasionally to have 
non-broken releases (let's hope 2.18.4 will not be followed two days 
later by 2.18.5), please contact me, either directly in IRC (nick: 
LpSolit) or per email at LpSolit at, or by replying to 
developers at Also, I'm especially interested in users or 
developers using Bugzilla on Windows and/or using PostgreSQL.

A few words about what will change for future releases:

- No checkin will be allowed at least 24/48 hours before a release, 
allowing the QA team to test the new release as much as possible and fix 
regressions *before* the release instead of after. For comparison, we 
did 24 checkins less than 18 hours before releasing 2.20rc1/2.18.2. That 
was far too much and gave us no chance to catch regressions on time (in 
fact, a first regression was found and fixed on time, but we missed the 
second one).

- For those who have editbugs privileges on b.m.o, you are free to add 
the 'qawanted' keyword to bugs to specify that some attention is 
required from the QA team. Use this keyword when a bug needs a testcase, 
additional information or looks like a regression. If you cannot add 
this keyword due to restrictions on your account, please set the flag to 
either blocking2.18.x? or blocking2.20? depending on which versions are 
affected. mkanat, justdave, myk or anyone else with enough privileges 
can then set the 'qawanted' keyword for you. Please *do not* use this 
keyword for bugs requesting new features (bugs marked as 'enhancement'). 
I will ignore those bugs.

   Please don't remove the 'qawanted' keyword unless you belong to the 
QA team.

- Remaining things are internal to the QA team. ;)

Thank you for your attention.

Have a nice week-end,

Frederic "LpSolit" Buclin

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