REMIND and LATER considered harmful [was Re: RESOLVED]

timeless timeless at
Thu Jul 14 18:12:18 UTC 2005

Gregary Hendricks wrote:
> For this we, as well as a number of bugzillae, have implemented a
> NEEDINFO status. Along with it we have an added field of who we
 > need information from (reporter, last commentor, or someone else
 > entirely) who is then CC'd on the bug for the duration that the bug
 > is in the NEEDINFO state. This places the responsibility of the bug
 > squarely on the shoulders of the info provider until they come back
 > with the additional information. This really helps in the processing
 > of a bug as it is obvious by the status that no work can be
 > completed until someone (usually the reporter) comes back with
 > something more than was initially provided.

i much prefer this (both ideally and having seen it) over all the other 
forms suggested in this thread.

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