column selector / saving columns per query

Rob Siklos rob2 at
Fri Jan 28 13:36:09 UTC 2005

> So to adopt the cmdline query tool, I could replace
>  wget -q -O ${outputfile}
>       --header="Cookie: COLUMNLIST=${COLUMNLIST-${defaultcolumnlist}}"
>       "${query}"
> with
>  wget -q -O ${outputfile}
>       "${query}&columnlist=${COLUMNLIST-${defaultcolumnlist}}"
> then?  That sounds fine to me.

Yes, but --- you can do this now!  For instance, try:,short_desc

> Why not keep the cookie as the default, and have the columnlist URL 
> parameter
> override it, if present?  This way, you are backwards compatible, and 
> avoid the
> problem with not-logged-in users (AFAICS).

Yes - I think this is the way to go.


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