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Thu Jan 27 06:54:15 UTC 2005

Quoting robzilla <rob2 at>:

> When you submit the query, it adds the 'columnlist' parameter to the
> buglist.cgi query string.  This specifies which columns should be displayed
> and in which order.

So to adopt the cmdline query tool, I could replace 

  wget -q -O ${outputfile} 
       --header="Cookie: COLUMNLIST=${COLUMNLIST-${defaultcolumnlist}}" 


  wget -q -O ${outputfile}

then?  That sounds fine to me.

> Implications:
> Since I got rid of the "Change Columns" page, there's no more support for
> "default columns" (saved in a cookie).  I didn't really see this as a
> problem, since the default columns are now saved with the default query (if
> you create one).

> For #1, I was thinking that we could give users who aren't logged in the
> option to save a default query, but it would be saved in a browser cookie
> instead of in the database.

Why not keep the cookie as the default, and have the columnlist URL parameter
override it, if present?  This way, you are backwards compatible, and avoid the
problem with not-logged-in users (AFAICS).


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