Release timing

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Jan 20 00:03:55 UTC 2005

Shane H. W. Travis wrote:
> May and November are both months where people are at work, where there are
> not a lot of other things going on to interfere with contributing, where it
> is possible to schedule a 'big push to the finish' and be reasonably
> confident that most of your key people will be around.

That may or may not be true, but it's certainly the first time an 
argument of this type has come by the list. I thought that May and 
November were picked because those were the dates we expected to hit 12 
months ago.

> January and July are, by contrast, *bad* months to try do a final push; in
> fact, January would be my 12th choice of months in which to try and do a
> release, simply because the majority of people in the English-speaking world
> will just have had Christmas holidays... making January a rotten time to do
> a 'big push' on anything.

Surely it depends if Bugzilla contributors contribute more during the 
holidays or when people are at work?

I know I contribute much more in the holiday times; January is a good 
time for a push, for me.

Regardless, I'm not sure that the variations of people's availability is 
a good basis for planning release pushes, because everyone has different 
schedules. Rather, we should plan them so releases are six months apart :-)


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